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RKRS is a real estate brokerage firm that focuses on the German and Swiss real estate markets. RKRS has years of expertise as a realty broker specializing in real estate investment assets located in commercial hubs across Germany and Switzerland.

Real Estate Expertise
Our international team of real estate professionals combines decades’ worth of real estate expertise. Our professional credentials in accounting, law, and marketing underlies years of experience in the German and Swiss real estate markets.

Multinational Team
Our multinational team of real estate experts is here to assist you in Hebrew, English, German, French, or Spanish. We share the advantages and risks involved in each piece of property in the language you are most comfortable with to ensure you are fully informed.

Unique Selection
RKRS has established its real estate database to include only those properties we fully stand behind. RKRS does not charge commission or brokerage fees from sellers. Our commission policy, therefore, enables us to establish market priority, offering investors a unique selection of quality on/off-market real assets.

Prime Locations
RKRS specializes in high-yielding commercial and residential real estate assets situated in prime locations in metropolitan hubs across Germany and Switzerland: residential and commercial buildings, office and retail spaces, industrial and logistic centers and more.

Local Networks
At RKRS, we value and foster local networks of legal, finance, insurance, and tax professionals who specialize in real estate. We work in cooperation with many local real estate agencies. Our local professional networks work for you when you seek legal representation, financing, insurance coverage, or tax advice to support your investment.

Property Management & Development
We believe the best investment is one that continues to grow. ImmoDreiL, an integral part of our business group, provides property management services with development at its core. ImmoDreiL’s property management model aims to increase your asset’s market value and maximize your rent income by capitalizing upside potential, restructuring use, or upgrading structure and systems whenever advisable.

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