We at RKRS are here to guide you through the real estate transaction from the moment you get in touch right through closing and beyond, with our well-tested, reliable brokerage process. Our multinational team of real estate experts is here to assist you in the language you are most comfortable with: Hebrew, English, German, French, or Spanish.

Getting Started
As a boutique real estate broker, we believe in dedicated, hands-on service right from the start. We offer a wide selection of quality on/off-market assets for you to choose from. Our detailed knowledge of assets on offer covers all relevant information to help you make a sound investment.

Due Diligence
We get our extensive local professional network to work for you. We liaise with a local team of real estate experts on your behalf to conduct legal and technical due diligence. Our professionals give you a detailed picture of the legal title as well as the essentials on structure and systems.

Securing Funding
We push brokerage further by helping you apply for financing. We have a team ready to negotiate ideal rates with local mortgage lenders. We also make sure your investment is on solid ground with advantageous tax structuring and adequate insurance coverage.

The Sales Contract
As brokers, we get the best price for you. We also draft the sales contract and make sure it is vetted by real estate legal experts.

Structuring Holdings
We establish and manage the local legal entity responsible for holding your asset, complete with a local German / Swiss business address. We structure asset holding to ensure taxation across national jurisdictions is optimal.

Property Management & Development
We provide a comprehensive, customized package of property management services through our sister company, ImmoDreiL, with development at its core. From overviewing property operations to directing property upgrades, ImmoDreiL’s goal is to increase your asset’s market value and maximize your rent income.

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