RKRS’s senior international team of real estate professionals combines decades’ worth of real estate expertise. Our professional credentials in accounting, law, and marketing underlies years of experience in the German and Swiss real estate markets.

Ruvik Steinberg
Managing Director

Mr. Steinberg brings his expertise to bear as a real estate broker specializing in the German and Swiss real estate markets for over a decade. Mr. Steinberg’s managerial experience stretches back to serving as the CFO of international companies. Mr. Steinberg is a certified accountant and an international tax expert with a Master’s degree in law (LL.M.).

Rachel Kuperfish

Ms. Kuperfish draws on over 20 years experience in marketing. Before joining the RKRS team, Ms. Kuperfish has served as the founder and CEO of a PR agency for more than 10 years. Ms. Kuperfish has engaged with the German and Swiss real estate markets since 2005.

Katja Müller
Sales Manager

Ms. Müller has served as RKRS’s sales manager since 2010. Ms. Müller holds a Master’s degree in Sociology.

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